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Mel et Kio - Duo d'artistes d'oeuvres murales - L'art mural monumental

Mel et Kio – Artists of mural art – monumental mural art


Met et Kio : monumental mural art

Beyond the poetic and magical universe which is their territory, the originality of Mel et Kio’s wall paintings is the exceptional dimensions of their creations. By making the architectural space their platform for expression, Mel et Kio have freed themselves of the limits of size and picture frames. The pair of wall artists intervenes in situ on exceptional scales: their mural works and their frescos enchant venues without limit.

The works are created according to a given space. Therefore, the venue is a key player in the work. It has a role to play. The artists study it and offer a dialogue which reveals it in a different light. The pair’s intervention on a place changes the perception we have of it.
Mel et Kio are pursuing the same project: to re-enchant daily life and reveal the poetic dimension of sites regardless of where they are, in particular through a troubling and touching monumental scale.