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Mel et Kio - Duo d'artistes d'oeuvres murales - L'art mural d'intimité

Mel et Kio – Artists of mural art – Intimate mural art



Mel et Kio : intimate mural art

Mel et Kio create with their four hands. They combine their inspiration and references, share a passion for words, rhythm, lines and strokes. Poetry is the prism which Mel et Kio have chosen to place on their world.

Their poetic and non-intrusive dance, their pas de deux, which combines gentleness and energy to create intimacy.

The encounter between these artists gave rise to their artistic problematic: how to make a monumental format compatible with a mural work of art which touches on the intimacy of places and people.

It is through this poetic dimension that monumental mural art remains intimate and supports this paradox.
The message is never shouted out, it plays on things that are inherent, offers personal words and touches the recipient in his personal world.
Mel et Kio’s poetic visual work does not shock, it enchants, transports, envelops, changes perception, how the place is perceived, but always with a view to offering a form of “well-being there, which is entirely there”.

And the place starts to tell its own story ….