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Mel et Kio - Duo d'artistes d'oeuvres murales - Du design mural à l'art mural

Mel et Kio – Artists of mural art – from mural design to mural art


Mel et Kio, from mural design to mural art

Mel et Kio are pioneers of wall design in France. In 2004, through their innovative and original project, they brought a new approach to the world of architecture and interior design which involves creating an in situ work to order according to the given venue.

They define this approach to wall painting and its effect on the perception and identity of a place as “mural design”.

Thus, the pair has broken new ground, imposing this specific term, which they were the first to use, as a brand new art form.

The poetic wall artists, Mel et Kio, are now THE Reference in wall design, a technique which they have raised to the status of art.

The tailor-made mural designs signed by Mel et Kio are both interior and exterior works of art which exceed the conventional measurements of works of art.

It is the entire architectural space which provides Mel et Kio’s preferred and unlimited support: facades, city walls, offices, ceilings, floors, windows, glass roofs, and more.