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Mel et Kio - Duo d'artistes d'oeuvres murales - L'art mural de commande

Mel et Kio – Artists of mural art – mural art to order


Mel et Kio : mural art to order

Mel et Kio work closely with licensed architects, interior designers and decorators other commissioning parties. In the in situ mural interventions offered by the two artists, they have found a means of creating an identity which is unique to a place in order to offer those who live there an original and poetic experience.

The pair’s artistic project has also seduced different brands, which have seen in Mel et Kio’s artistic universe a means of offering an alternative communication message.
Mel et Kio describe their art as an exclusive communication vector in various sectors such as fashion, perfume and the hotel trade, etc.
The pair offers performances which may be participative following in the same vein of their project to develop a living and personal art which is part of a form of everyday poetic enchantment.