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Mel et Kio - Duo d'artistes d'oeuvres murales

Mel et Kio – A french duo of mural artists



Mel et Kio, a french duo of mural artists

It is the story of an encounter between a plastic artist and a poet wall author.
Mel, he, paints and draws.
Kio, she, tells stories and writes.
Together, they choose to bring together their universes and enchant venues with their poetic wall paintings: Mel et Kio are Wall design artists.
Mel sketches Kio’s poetry as Kio murmurs her words which, in turn, make Mel’s calligraphy, drawings and paintings resonate.

Specialists in wall paintings, Mel et Kio integrate their work directly into the architectural space.
In venues, the pair recounts graphic and poetic stories which exceed the limits of a picture frame.
With their four hands, these wall artists create works of art which express intimacy in a monumental manner.
They create a generous dialogue, offering poetic works which lay bare an intimate world and a dreamlike universe.
Their artistic and poetic adventure started in France at the start of 2000. Since then, their wonderful adventure has continued its route to spread overseas from their artist’s workshop in the heart of the Marais in Paris.